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Want to prove to a classmate that I am not the only one.

All of tumblr should be reblogging this.

Wait, just one?….

Would you like me to give you a list?


I love how every time I reblog this it’s a different gif of Crowley rolling out a contract.


Anonymous asked:

I'm sorry but this larry shit goes too far seriously it's obvious they hate you saying it, it's obvious it's not true yes they are good friends obviously they are but it doesn't mean they're gay louis has been in a relationship for quite sometime now and harry has had a few too so just fuck off with this they clearly hate people saying it! So just stop! Maybe their is a chance they are gay but they have said that they are not they are not liars I know it you know it all directioners know it!

larrystylinsonofficial answered:

Originally I had a whole paragraph going on and on about how real Larry is and how Louis and Harry don’t actually hate how we support it, but what’s the point? You’re not going to listen or believe me. Just let me believe in this, please. I’m not doing any harm, really. I’m spreading love and acceptance and you’re inducing hate. Is it really so wrong? -Chloe∞